VMX Builder

VMX Builder 0.9

VMX Builder is a program for creating vmx and vmdk files
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VMX Builder is a program for creating vmx (VMware virtual machine configuration) and vmdk (VMware virtual hard disk) files. "Virtual Machines" are independent environments installed on a physical computer, that can run different operating systems (including Linux or Windows). These virtual machines will be able to share the resources of your X86-based computer, such as RAM, network cards and hard disks. As each virtual machine contains a complete system, this eliminates potential conflicts.

In this version of VMX Builder, the physical disk creation is still in the stage of Beta testing. Caution is advised. It´s now possible to install this program on a Linux host via WINE.

This program allows you to create new Virtual Machines or edit saved ones. You will be able to define every parameter of the created virtual machine, such as its name, file name, location where it will be saved, target platform (ESX Server, GSX Server, Server, Workstation, Player or Fusion) with the proper version number, guest OS and working directory. You can also create .nvram files specifying the devices that the VM will use.

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